Is it time to forget the out dated, old skool style of jumping on the scales every week and losing a pound, gaining a pound week after week after week?

Learn about fat loss foods …real, unprocessed and natural foods that the body just LOVES.

Learn about the importance of reducing stress and why your HORMONES can actually block fat loss!


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We will show you how health through nutrition and yes, LIFESTYLE!!! …will lead to PERMANENT and life long fat loss – it doesn’t have to be difficult, and we can show you how to change your mindset to feel and look amazing! X

Kick Start Orpington members swap comments, recipes, tips & motivation, at weekly Facebook LIVE meetings, on our WhatsApp group, or at class with myself and the team 🙂

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All The Options - Live Club Or Online - At A Glance

Kick Start Orpington – The Programmes

 Take a look at the UK’s FIRST LIVE Lift Lean Class – launched at Kick Start Orpington by the creator of Kick Start, Rachel Holmes

Kick Start Orpington – now taking bookings for our next start date:

February 26th:

March 12th:

All club members get the following support:


  • A weekly Kick Start #LIFTLEAN session, Tuesdays at 6.30pm with Rosie at Tubbenden – Exercise for all abilities, plus optional weigh, measure & feedback record.
  • Facebook group and / or WhatsApp group – daily contact with me, Fran, KS Orpington coach.
  • Manual & meal planner


Choose Your Programme:


28 Day #LIFTLEAN Project – £45 – Back to basics exercise with weights, fat loss nutrition, weekly meeting & exercise session, manual plus journal and KSFL recipe book of your choice .


14 Day Sprinter Programmes – £27 – Join the Club for 2 weeks to Kick Start your healthy lifestyle — This option is a rolling programme designed to fit in with your life, events, holidays and GET FIT QUICK plans! See the Kick Start Orpington with Fran page for details.







All online members will get the following support:


  • Daily email guidance plus 10 – 15 – 20 or 30 minute quickie workout


  • A unique daily link to your specific programme protocols & motivation for the day, plus access to your daily workouts


  • Concession rate to all Flin’s Fitness classes and huge discounts on the Kick Start Fat Loss recipe books


  • Facebook group and / or WhatsApp group


Choose Your Programme:

7 Day Juice Cleanse – £19 – start ANYTIME!

14 Day Kick Start Sprinters! – £27 – Pick your start date from the options …. daily motivation  & online workout via your WhatsApp group / the Club’s secret Facebook page

28 Day On Line Personal Trainer – daily email and workout direct to your inbox at – more one to one than group, and all online!


rosie dead lifting

This is Rosie hard at work on her own training!


Early Morning Kick Start!

The next 6 week course starts on Monday February 19th:

  • 3x per week – 30 mins per session
  • Monday / Wednesday / Friday mornings at 6am
  • Westcombe Park RC – in the hall (outside in summer time)
  • Early Morning Training with Rosie Blake P/T
  • BONUS – Kick Start Fat Loss Nutrition info – and FREE 30 Day KSFL Manual – eat and train yourself fit and healthy :)
    £115 for 6 weeks … sign up

NEXT COURSE IS February 19th!

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