The Next Kick Start Orpington Club Dates


7, 14, 21, 28 …. or longer? What do you need?


7 Day Juice Cleanse


14 Day Sprinter 

  • Next Sprinter is May 14th


21 Day Lift Lean 5:2

  • Next Lift Lean is June 4th


4 Week Online Summer Super Boost 

  • Next Super Boost is June 4th


Kick Start Prime 5 Week Programme

  • Next Prime is June 4th


The Kick Start Orpington Lift Lean Project, with Fran & Rachel Holmes

Here Is How It WORKS!


Join our weekly “virtual” meeting at KS Orpington – Tuesdays at 8.30pm on Facebook LIVE on our secret group!

Clean eating guidance with me Fran, or Kick Start coaches Rosie & Emma, plus access to all the online workouts with Rachel Holmes, creator of Kick Start Fat Loss.


Who is this programme for?

–  Anyone who is interested in fat loss for health, and wants to get an exercise habit!
–  People who would benefit from improving their eating habits and ditching junk from their diet.

–  Those who like to mix up their workouts & try different classes.

Is this you??


How will It Work?

– All members of Kick Start Orpington will have access to the national Kick Start workouts with Rachel Holmes, but be looked after locally with me, Fran at KS Orpington, via the WhatsApp and / or secret Facebook group.

– All members will be welcome to attend the KS Orpington “virtual” session on Tuesdays at 8.30pm on Facebook LIVE with me …. plus choose a class of your choice from the Flin’s Fitness timetable – always 25+ classes to choose from!


How much is Kick Start Club?

£27 for a 2 week Kick Start Sprinter programme, to lose weight and improve your health & fitness, DAILY WhatsApp / Facebook group support, meal planners & online workouts, plus the weekly virtual meeting.

£45 for 21 days or 4 weeks daily support, weekly club, full nutrition monitoring, vlogs and fat loss latest research & info

£97 for 5 week Kick Start Prime, which includes unlimited classes

£27 for 28 days continuation / maintenance, repeatable for as long as you need to get to your health and body shape goals

There are also the longer programmes – lifestyle changing plans for those who want the baby steps and gradual but longer term change.


So what do I get for my membership?

Kick Start Orpington with Fran:

– Workouts and nutrition information with Rachel Holmes, founder of KSFL

– Weekly fitness class for long programmes, plus a big discount on further classes

– Elimination manual (long programmes) & meal planner

– KSFL journal for keeping records, recipes, notes & thoughts – FREE on the long programmes, discounted on the short sprinter programmes.

– Membership to Kick Start Orpington:

Private Facebook / WhatsApp support group / access to on line workouts

Weekly class of your choice, Kick Start “virtual” meetings on Tuesdays at 8.30pm for chat, feedback, and progress monitoring.


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