The next Kick Start Orpington start dates!

Come and talk to us about the Winter programme to begin your 6 or 10 week Weight Loss & Health Superboost after Christmas – Kick Start Prime


Simply train hard and eat right, with our 28 Day Kick Start #LIFTLEAN Project!

Is a long term programme what you’re looking for, to gain control of your hormones, weight and well being?

OR ….

The “quick fix” 14 Day Sprinter – clear the belly bloat and shift a cheeky half stone or so before a holiday or event?

ALL WELCOME to come and discover which programme is right to get YOU on track, dropping the body fat, feeling healthy and looking FAB!

Drop your name on my mailing list for full details on all options – I keep all your details PRIVATE and secret 🙂


Kick Start 14 Day Sprinter Programme – £27

14 day Sprinter programmes will start on the following dates:

  • March 12th – Pre Easter Hols shape up!

Need longer?


OPTION 2 – KICK START 28 Day #LIFTLEAN Project – £45 – changing your lifestyle and mindset, understand nutrition for health and fat loss, DAILY support – includes a daily online workout with weights – see the Kick Start Winter Programmes tab for all the details.  

  • The next Lift Lean Project starts on Feb 26th!


OPTION 3 – Kick Start Prime: Full 10 Week or 6 Week Super Boost – a fully supportive programme guiding you back to the shape, health & level of fitness you were always meant to be! All new information based on the LATEST research about health and food. Weekly protocols to avoid the plateaus and the boredom!

Starts January 22nd!


OPTION 4 – Online – choose any of our online programmes to fit into your life … see the On Line Programmes tab for all the details.

KSFL 28 Day Lift Lean Project – £45


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28 Days is enough to change your mindset – giving you FULL support in your healthy lifestyle journey…. We can help you get out of the “diet” trap and live your life free of the scales and weight loss yo-yo misery!

– Membership of Kick Start Orpington, with online workouts and nutrition information with Rachel Holmes, founder of KSFL

– Weekly nutrition topic – see the web page for schedule

– Facebook group daily contact & motivation with Kick Start Orpington Leader, Fran

– A weekly fitness session – at Flin’s Fitness, your choice, plus a big discount on further classes

– Elimination manual and meal planner

Membership to KSFL Orpington:

– WhatsApp and Facebook support group / access to on line workouts

– Kick Start meeting “virtual” weekly on Facebook LIVE, for chat and progress feedback.

Fran and Rachel pic

Fran with Rachel Holmes, creator of Kick Start Fat Loss


These people’s pics below are after 28 DAYS or LESS!!!!


This could be you! Transform your health and lifestyle with us here at KSFL 🙂


14 Day KICK START Sprinter:

– Workouts and nutrition information with Rachel Holmes, founder of KSFL

– Shopping Lists and 2 week meal planner

– Discount to any Flin’s Fitness Classes

– Membership to KSFL Orpington:

Private Facebook support group / access to on line workouts

WhatsApp support group

KSFL Club “virtual” meeting on Mondays at 8.30pm for progress & feedback



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