Kick Start Elevate – One Month




Programme Timetable

September New You Overhaul
28 Day Programme.

7 Day NEW Reset & Refocus
7 Day NEW Midsection Meltdown
7 Day NEW Lift Lean
7 Day NEW Mind and Body

October Lift Lean Mind and Body

28 Day Programme

7 Day New Lift Lean
7 Day New Total Body Vitality Fitness
7 Day New Energiser Programme
7 Day New Personalise Programme

November 28 Day SUPERCHARGE Results.
Ready for Christmas

7 Day Super Charge Body Reset
7 Day Super Charge Lift Lean
7 Day Super Charge Midsection Meltdown
7 Day Super Charge Total Mind and Body

This is a one month lifestyle programme … in the week leading up to the start date, you will receive your pack via email or Drop Box / We Transfer if your email won’t take the file size.

Pack contents:

  • Shopping list …this will be an Elimination for health list of foods
  • Meal planners for ideas
  • A weekly protocol – how to eat, when to eat
  • Motivational AND educational videos for the week ahead
  • A number of online workouts for the week ahead for all abilities
  • Recipe cards and meal ideas
  • The Kick Start Elimination manual for optimum nutrition
  • FAQ’s … the why’s and how’s about Kick Start.

Support & Motivation:

  • Secret Facebook group – Kick Start Orpington members only – no one outside of the group sees the posts
  • WhatsApp group for members …. Lively, fun and motivating …too busy for some – you are welcome to join & stay, or leave / mute if too much! Your choice, no offence taken!
  • Facebook Live meeting in the group, Tuesdays at 8.30pm … I chat, you type! Q’s and feedback…usually around 30 mins.

How the programme works:

  • Kick Start food is nutritious, whole and fresh – no processed packet style foods – we encourage you to prep / cook from scratch, however we also are busy people like you – lots of throw it all in style recipes that are as quick as pinging stuff in a microwave, only MUCH healthier and good for your body!
  • 3 meals a day, aiming to put you into a caloric deficit over the week – leaving you some ‘wiggle room’ at weekends – real life steps in with social events / family meals / parties etc. We don’t encourage a blow out, but you can be a little less strict if you’ve been following the plan all week J
  • The online workouts are between 7 & 15 mins and are following Rachel Holmes on the video link provided. However with Elevate, you will have a class pack of 4 for use at Flin’s Fitness classes, if you are local to Orpington.

£57 which includes the Class Pass for a 5 week duration.