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Welcome to our Health & Weightloss Programmes!

Online only or live classes – supporting you for as long as you need us!


Why Kick Start?

Our longer programmes set up good habits to improve your health, hormonal balance and lifestyle!

Anyone can sell you a diet plan.

But what about long term?

How do we TRULY change our lifestyle for longer term PERMANENT health benefits and fat loss?

We aim to take you through the minefield of diet myths and misconceptions about what is healthy food and what is not!

Learn how your body works and become your own “diet detective”!



Kick Start Prime is a groundbreaking weight loss, wellness and optimum health programme that you can access completely online,

with added bonus – unlimited classes on the Flin’s Fitness timetable

Prime is jam packed with information and everything you need to tackle your health niggles and feel transformed.


The Programme Includes:

  • Workouts
  • Weekly menu guidance and food planning
  • Educational Videos
  • Guest audios and lectures from the top experts in women’s wellness.
  • Coaching from Fran and Kick Start creator, Rachel Holmes
  • 24/7 online support within a like-minded group.


Who Is Kick Start Prime For?


Women who are struggling with:

  • Peri Menopause/Menopause and Post Menopause
  • Night Sweats
  • Mid Section Weight Gain
  • Body shape change.
  • Gut problems/Thyroids/Adrenals
  • Brain Fog – Low Mood / Depression
  • Mood Swings – Anger/Sadness/Emotions.
  • Digestion/IBS/Reflux.

This is our most comprehensive programme to date.

Are you ready to make MAJOR CHANGES?

Our 5 week Prime plan can help you …

£97 for 5 weeks UNLIMITED classes and full membership of Kick Start Orpington with daily mentoring


21 DAY LIFTLEAN 5:2 – £45

 It’s all about the training and the nutrition – and the amazing results!

The Kick Start Lift Lean 5:2 Plan Is Real World Nutrition, Wellness & Weight loss.


This new Lift Lean 5:2 protocol has been a massive success and is always lots of fun in the group – take a look at these smiling sweaty selfies!


The Programme Includes:

  • The new Kick Start weight loss plan for if you are looking to lose fat.
  • A new wider shopping list with a larger food choice.
  • Daily recipes plus sweet treats and savory snacks you can include in your plan.
  • Vegetarian and Pescetarian options and meat free days.
  • An online support group available 24/7.
  • A daily workout posted into your group for optimum results.


What Is The New Kick Start 5:2 Plan?


Do you find it easier to have great eating habits during the week but then it all falls down at the weekend?


Learn “macro borrowing” where you lower your macros in the week using various methods such as carb cycling, intermittent fasting and Keto and then relax your nutrition at the weekend.


With the right methods and tools, plus our daily coaching and adherence tips, we can help you get out of that cycle of severe restriction in the week and binging at the weekend!


This is Kick Start real-world nutrition where certain foods are not demonized, but we help you to understand which foods take you closer to your health goals and which take your further away……Informed choices!


Do you have a teenager in your life who wants to be fitter and healthier?

Lift Lean is IDEAL for parents and teens to do together at home – promote the message to our teens that we should be STRONG not skinny!

Let’s not raise another generation of scales obsessed young people!


  • Follow the Kick Start 5:2 protocol for dropping body fat while training – if needed.
  • Follow the “health for life” Elimination protocol to promote healthy nutrition to support great training!

This is a fantastic programme for ANYONE who wants to build on a drive for a positive body image – whether JUST for yourself or for you AND the teenager in your life!

***Type the hashtag #LIFTLEAN into the Insta or Facebook search and see all the success stories!***

Kick Start Orpington Club is every TUESDAY during your chosen Kick Start course, from 8.30pm in our “virtual” meeting on FB LIVE! Then choose a weekly class to attend on our huge timetable!


Adding value to your Kick Start Lifestyle:

 So what do I get for my membership on Kick Start Orpington?

– Workouts and nutrition information with Rachel Holmes, founder of Kick Start

– Weekly chat on Facebook Live, following up on the nutrition topic of the week – see above for schedule

– Facebook group daily contact & motivation with KS Orpington Leader, Fran

– Prime & Lift Lean also add a class of your choice from the Flin’s Fitness timetable …30+ classes to choose from!

– A big discount on further classes from the Flin’s Fitness timetable – £5 instead of £7

– Elimination manual, meal planner & discount on all recipe books

– KSFL journal for keeping records, recipes, notes & thoughts

Private Facebook support group / access to on line workouts

Kick Start “virtual” meeting every week, Tuesday from 8.30pm with me, Fran, on FB Live!

Not Able To Attend Flin’s Fitness Classes?

ONLINE 14 or 28 Day Programmes also available!

A DAILY motivational email and online workout direct to your inbox!

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4 Week Online Summer Superboost!



14 Day Kick Start Sprinter!