Kick Start #Realworld – our long term Health & Weightloss Super Boost programmes!

Supporting your mindset & lifestyle change, for as long as you need us!

We have spent 6 months digging into more research, papers and articles and listening to the world’s best functional medicine practitioners to create our brand new enhanced programmes for 2018.

First with Kick Start Prime – a ground breaking weight loss, wellness and optimum health programme launched and running now!

Tackling your health & nutrition issues at the root:

*What to eat, how to eat and when to eat
*How to eat for sustainable fat loss and ultimate health
*Reduce inflammation, pain, bloating, puffiness, fatigue
*How to boost & reset Hormones
*Tweak and personalise your diet
*Understanding which hormones are fat burning hormones and which are fat storing
*The effects of Oestrogen and Insulin Resistance
*Understanding metabolism
*How To up regulate your metabolism
*How to kick start a sluggish metabolism
*Understanding thyroid and liver function
*A unique daily protocol introducing carb cycling, intermittent fasting and crescendo fasting for enhanced health, fat loss and reduced inflammation.
*How To Bring Down Cortisol
*Stress & Midsection weight gain
*Endocrine disrupters – the impact of environmental toxins
*Should you take supplements?
*What supplements and why
*Everything you need to know about supplements for enhanced health and wellbeing
*Are you eating in a deficit?
*How to smash through a plateau
*Emotional triggers
*Food Behaviour
*Long term adherence
*Gut Health and Brain Health
*Eating to feel good mentally
*How to stop over eating and mindless eating
* Eating out
*Family eating
*Social events
*Food and Mood – eating for happiness, focus and positivity
*How what you eat affects your mood, thoughts, emotions, positivity and ultimately happiness
*Brain health and clarity
*The latest on peri-menopause/menopause/PMS
*PMT/PCOS/fibroid – what everyone needs to know (including men)
*How to live the Kick Start lifestyle and enjoy life to the full without putting weight back on and understanding how to manipulate your metabolism and hormones going forward.



This is our most comprehensive programme to date.

Are you ready to make MAJOR CHANGES?



Why Kick Start?


Our longer programmes set up good habits to improve your health, hormonal balance and lifestyle!

Anyone can sell you a diet plan.

But what about long term?

How do we TRULY change our lifestyle for longer term PERMANENT health benefits and fat loss?

We aim to take you through the minefield of diet myths and misconceptions about what is healthy food and what is not!

Learn how your body works and become your own “diet detective”!


Lynette is no longer trapped on the diet rollercoaster!


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28 DAY #LIFTLEAN Project – £45

 It’s all about the training and the nutrition – ladies who LIFT!

Daily workout online sent direct to your phone and put into our secret Facebook group + eating the right foods to support your training = turbo shape up method! Amazing results!

Type the hashtag #LIFTLEAN into the Insta or Facebook search and find out more!

Kick Start Orpington Club is every MONDAY during your 2, 4 or 12 week course, from 8.30pm in our “virtual” meeting on FB LIVE! Then choose a weekly class to attend on our huge timetable!


Adding value to your Kick Start Lifestyle:

 So what do I get for my membership on Kick Start Orpington?

– Workouts and nutrition information with Rachel Holmes, founder of Kick Start

– Weekly chat on Facebook Live, following up on the nutrition topic of the week – see above for schedule

– Facebook group daily contact & motivation with KS Orpington Leader, Fran

– A class of your choice from the Flin’s Fitness timetable …20+ classes to choose from!

– A big discount on further classes from the Flin’s Fitness timetable – £4-50 instead of £7

– Elimination manual, meal planner & another KSFL recipe book of your choice

– KSFL journal for keeping records, recipes, notes & thoughts

– Membership to Kick Start Orpington

Private Facebook support group / access to on line workouts

Kick Start “virtual” meeting every week, Monday from 8.30pm with me, Fran, on FB Live!



Need to get started right NOW?

Our Online programmes can get you on the right road towards good nutrition and health – have a look and see how we can help you get on track!


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Not On Facebook? Not Able To Attend Flin’s Fitness Classes?

ONLINE 28 Day Personal Trainer programme is £45!

All of the above benefits, with no club, but a DAILY motivational email and online workout direct to your inbox!